We have been incredibly fortunate to have been supported in September 2020 by the Essex Community Foundation.

They have given Ferriers Barn a grant to pay a huge proportion of one of our 'one on one' carers salary.

This type of care makes such a big difference to our members lives, it ensures they are able to take part in all the fun activities we do.

Without this kind of support, Ferriers Barn and its members would really struggle.

Thank you to all the team at ECF.


The National Lottery Community Fund, has given Ferriers Barn this September 2020, a grant of over £20k to replace our antiquated toilets and also to cover the huge expense of becoming Covid-19 secure.

We could not have reopened without this funding.

Ferriers Barn and its members are so grateful for this ongoing support, from such a wonderful organisation.


Last but by no means least, thank you to the volunteers who come and help us each and everyday.

Your smiling faces and hard work make everything possible - Thank you.